• Surgery not necessary for Disc Prolapse
  • Migraine, Psoriasis, leucoderma, Ulcerative colitis are curable diseases
  • Free medical camps at Yeleswaram, East Godavari Dist in July 1st week
  • O.P. Clinic at Srikakulam on 21-6-2012 (every alternative Thursday)
  • O.P. Clinic at Tanuku every Saturday


  1. Abhyanga Swedana:

    Uniform application of oil with massage and steam bath - Improves blood circulation, relax and strengthen the muscles, joints, relives body pain, induce sound sleep, Rejuvenative.
  2. Phizhichil:

    Uniform dripping of warm oil whole body with gentle massage - Removes lodged wastes from deep tissues, Lubricates the joints tendons, improves blood circulation colour and complexion
  3. Njavara kizhi:

    Fomentation with special medicated rice bolus – Improves colour and complexion of skin, strengthens bones and joints.
  4. Sirodhara:

    Uniform dripping of medicated liquids over forehead - Relives headache, neck pain, dandruff, hair fall, strengthens memory, hair, neck, gives good sleep
  5. Podikkizhi:

    Fomentation with herbal powders – Removes body pains, excess water, dries up fat, Strengthen the body.
  6. Elakkizhi

    Fomentation with bolus of medicinal leaves – relives the stiffurs, muscle, joint pain, strengthens the body makes free mobility.
  7. Udwarthanam:

    Massage with dry herbal powders – Dries up skin, mobilize the fat, prevents the deposition of fat improves colour and complexion
  8. Kati Vasti :

    Keeping oil over spinal card on constructed wall – Set right the prolapsed, degenerated diseases, Strengthens the muscles.
  9. Siro Vasti:

    Keeping oil over head in closed wall- Improves blood circulation of head, memory power, eye and brain strengthen, relives headache, Sleeplessness, Epilepss, etc
  10. Takradhara

    Body bath with medicated butter milk - Useful Skin diseases and Psoriasis.
  11. Dhanyamladhara:

    Body bath with fermented liquids – Relives Rheumatoid, body,polyarteritis.
  12. Vamanam:

    Medicated vomiting – Removes excessive slump useful in Allergy, Asthma, Skin diseases.
  13. Virechanam:

    Process of medicated purgation – Relives constipation excess biles, worms, headache, abdominal pain etc.
  14. Vasti:

    Medicated Enema – Cleans lodged wastes, purifies body, relives back pain, headache.
  15. Nasyam:

    Purificatory nasal medication – Clears channels of head, releaves allergy, migraine, excess salivation improves vision, hearing, freshness of mouth, taste smell etc.
  16. Rkta Mokshanam:

    Letting out of impured blood – Improves blood circulation purifies the blood, increases the colour and complexion, and cures dreaded skin diseases.
  17. Mukhabhyanganam:

    Face massage – Improves mukhalepanam – Face pack blood supplies to face, Strengthen the face, muscles, improves colour & complexion removes pimples, black marks.
  18. KarnaPooranam:

    Filling of ears with medicated liquids and fomentation - Clears the channel, removes wax, improves hearing.
  19. Akstri Tarpanam

    Filling at medicines over both eyes in a constructed wall clears channels, strengthen nerve improves vision.
  20. Gundusam

    Holding different kinds of liquids in the mouth – It lubricates, purifies and heals any problem at mouth.


Body message package.

Skin and Hair care treatments for ladies.
Head and Face packs available.
Different Low Back pain treatments are available.