• Surgery not necessary for Disc Prolapse
  • Migraine, Psoriasis, leucoderma, Ulcerative colitis are curable diseases
  • Free medical camps at Yeleswaram, East Godavari Dist in July 1st week
  • O.P. Clinic at Srikakulam on 21-6-2012 (every alternative Thursday)
  • O.P. Clinic at Tanuku every Saturday

Welcome to Nirmalam Ayurveda Vaidyasala

What is Ayurveda?

Literally means “The Science of Life”. The life of living and nonliving things.

Ayurveda one at the great literature of INDIA, believed to be originated from Brahma(God at Universe) about 500 years ago.

Which describes formation of materials, Basic elements their union, formation of life in detail.

The only oldest medical system in the world which is root for all systems, concentrates on prevention by detailing, seasonal and natural changes and their regimes.

Panchakarma Treatment which root out all chronic and most dreaded diseases permanently by purification methods.

The Traditional Kerala Panchakarma Therapies which mostly suitable for now a days lifestyle to healthy and happy.


Body message package.

Skin and Hair care treatments for ladies.
Head and Face packs available.
Different Low Back pain treatments are available.